Monday, October 18, 2021

‘To hell with animals’: Rome residents blame boars for building damage

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Animals roam into parking areas and apartment blocks and cause great damage to cars and homes

Wild boars are being blamed for wreaking havoc on Rome by, it is claimed, damaging cars and collapsing buildings.

The animals are believed to have been migrating into parking areas and apartment blocks and causing great damage to cars and houses. A 65-year-old woman was injured and taken to hospital when her home was set alight on Monday night.

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On Sunday evening, the Urban League of Rome announced that, despite six weeks of conservation work, it had been unable to stop the animals getting out.

“The situation has not improved, they have still not been stopped. The Italians have become too indifferent to animals.

“We are hearing at least five complaints every day, some residents have reported being stabbed and then having the skin ripped off with a knife when they went to try to guard their homes.”

There have been rumours that the boars were victims of human trafficking, because they were fed with white knuckles, a substance prized in African countries.

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