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New York mayor pays respects to slain worker on anniversary of death of she killed by train

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Police continue their active and ongoing investigation into the murder of Angela Bush-Gibbons at 4 Woodside Common Place in Long Island City, Queens last Thursday, June 1, at 5:54 p.m. When the VIA Delayed Train arrives at the end of the platform, she is unresponsive and the doors open to leave, and screams can be heard coming from inside the car. Emergency services respond quickly but there is nothing that can be done to save her.

Investigators identified Ms. Bush-Gibbons as the driver of the VIA Blue Line who was last seen leaving the 7 train at the 97th Street station after 4:45 p.m. When she took the VIA train to attend to a family emergency, a male passenger was seen getting off the train and she disappeared shortly thereafter.

According to family members, Ms. Bush-Gibbons was well-known and loved in the local community, working two jobs at the same time to support herself and her two daughters, aged 5 and 2, and her husband, Brian Laundrie, who passed away tragically in 2015. She was described as the “icing on the cake” for her family, a hard worker, and the “heart of the family.”

“We find it hard to believe that someone who worked as hard as she did with such a positive outlook could be taken from us like this,” her daughters’ godmother, Caitlin Jones, said. “We all loved her and we will miss her dearly.”

According to law enforcement sources, Brian Laundrie works at Aeromexico, USA and NENA and came to New York City to attend to a family emergency. Several of his colleagues confirmed his presence in New York City on the day of the murder, and a female passenger who was the last one to exit the train told detectives he was also on the train. A detailed facial photo array was developed by the FBI in April of a black male suspect who is described as between 6’2″ and 6’5″ and roughly a size 24 to 27. No suspect description has been released by the New York Police Department.

With media footage and cameras located on local buses and at local bus stops, detectives are obtaining additional investigative leads and tips into Ms. Bush-Gibbons’ murder. Detectives are exploring all avenues of surveillance video through a technique called Search Metadata, which displays footage via geolocation and geotagged metadata as it is accessed and searchable using a mobile device.

Detectives remain committed to completing the investigation into Ms. Bush-Gibbons’ death and to apprehend the suspect or suspects who are responsible for this senseless crime. There will be no let up in this investigation, and there will be no word to the media unless it can be confirmed to be credible.

The NYPD is grateful for the continued outpouring of support and offers of assistance from the local community. Throughout the process, the NYPD is dedicated to assisting the family in any way it can, and Queens is at the forefront of the effort. NYPD Detectives include two youth officers who have traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, in an effort to identify and capture the killer.

The NYPD and the Queens District Attorney’s Office would like to thank the following organizations and entities that offered assistance:

NYPD Youth Unit

Queens Tribune Editor-in-Chief, Jason Smyth

End Gang Violence International

Queens County Democratic Organization

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Jannell Dearborn, Founder of the Women of Color Walk

Queens Black Congressional Caucus and Robert Lee, Attorney

Pulse Family and Friends of Shooting Victims, Jill Hennessy, President

Pulse Foundation and Dr. Salina Sooba, Director of Development

Queens Legislature

Queens Leadership Coalition

Council Member, Costa Constantinides

Council Member, Antonio Reynoso

Council Member, Julissa Ferreras-Copeland

Queens Progressive Coalition

Community United for Fair Treatment in New York

Jim Pennington, Owner and Director, Pennington Agency

Butch Jerry Studio

East Village Community Council

City Council, Opponents of Sanctuary Cities Caucus

New York chapter of Lawyers for Human Rights

Queens Cultural Society

The Queens Restoration Project

Calls for information are now being directed to the following hotline numbers: (718) 233-9441


(718) 229-7536


(212) 772-7388

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