Sunday, November 28, 2021

Mayor de Blasio review: ‘An ambassador to the world who can spread our progressive spirit’

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What a gentler world we live in!

After a season of galloping ambition and championing of your principles, Mayor Mike, it’s time to lay down the reins. We have no reason to complain about your leadership, the scandals and slings and arrows be damned, thank you for this opportunity to have even more fun. We’ll miss your infectious enthusiasm and fire in the belly.

After the bell rings, you’ll like the change.

The people of New York City deserve a second look. More than any office of the mayor in our nation, this job offers an opportunity to see what we can do with such a great city.

There is much to do.

Recreate a democratic culture

Even though I began as a New Yorker—thanks to your father—we must be your ambassadors abroad. At next month’s United Nations General Assembly in New York, I want to bring together mayors from around the world to listen to your concerns and to try to show them how we can overcome our divisive issues. New York can demonstrate that our diversity works together. It is vital to win those close elections. You’ve seen how our showdowns have cost the city billions. But electing more moderates can help us create more civic stability.

Empower the people

I want to reform, reinvigorate and involve the public by empowering them to have a greater voice in the New York City government and to provide us with data about their problems and where they want to see the city go.

Remember the 40/80 Rule

This no-brainer rule means, no matter how big we are, no rule will stand in the way of getting a project built. It means all parks, and they have an overall architectural interpretation, can be developed in full public view. It means 100 percent of the city will be included in the public space and that businesses and houses not connected to schools and public services will be responsible for their own infrastructure.

Create jobs

He starts by creating an open lettary on New York City’s Department of Economic Development, which will provide opportunities for Staten Island workers. We need to create new jobs to keep our cities economy going. We have plenty of manufacturing jobs going overseas. Jobs to electrify the subways are needed. New buildings or development can accommodate them. After all, nobody likes to stand on a construction site waiting to pay in lieu of taxes.

Look into making our municipal computers secure

It’s happening.

Do any of you know of anyone who has tried logging on to their CUNY account for years and gotten kicked off for using an email address with a lower than “MSRP” billing address? Imagine how much money that can save us.

Next year I want to create a robust, nonstop text line for anyone who has a service issue or whether they are concerned about an issue on their block. I’ll make that happen. We can get everything done that needs to be done, and we all can do it at a cheaper cost.

Have we never been talking about ways to save money? We do. And we’re going to talk about it.

I’m throwing out my own ideas and you will be hearing the kind of things I might say if you ask me.

And one more thing. The future. I mean, you. Your future. Can you really compete with the other cities like Santa Monica or Minneapolis? Let’s face it. What do you do to get more attention? Even though it may not be in line with our primary political views—some people are sick of the drill—it seems like we have to run for office to get a shot at the post of mayor. New York is an open city and it doesn’t need to be regimented. If you want to have a voice, come and get a seat at the table and try to get some of what you want.

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