Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Trump’s closing out a winning week. But how will Dems react?

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POTUS: Shutdown or a Deal? (Wed 2 Jul 11:50 AM)

Image by cpam43 via Flickr.

Daily Beast: Technically, we might be talking to each other, more or less.

But it seems Democrats are fearful that it will be impossible to come to a deal, given the Trump Administration’s manipulation of the legislative process so far. Dems fear this will be how things play out through the end of the week. What starts out as the usual walk-out gives way to a one-day “cooling-off” period. And then the final rumblings about capitulation start to get murmured.

If there was hope, there would be movement toward a deal on health care by now. Or maybe there would have been by now. But then again, the Democrats have a history of doing precisely the same thing—shrewdly playing for time, making Washington work for the average American.

And in the end, Democrats are probably happy that they’ve settled on something that takes 60 votes and actually contains significant provisions. After all, the consequences of a shutdown would be painfully real, all things considered.

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