Saturday, October 23, 2021

Top 5 Moment of the Creative Arts Emmys Red Carpet

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Catch some of the buzziest moments from the Creative Arts Emmys red carpet at The Pool at HYDE Sunset on Saturday, May 5 (10 AM – 4:30 PM), presented by HLN.

Jason Sudeikis Says: “My character had like a super moon, and then everything exploded and the polar ice caps were drained and they released all of the nuclear power.” (MINUTE 1:34)

Jean Smart Says: “I didn’t play her like Sherlock Holmes, but I’m here to ask you who is calling the shots at Netflix?!” (MINUTE 16:22)

Seth Rogen Says: “There’s been so much smoke around these awards, and I think at some point it’s gonna settle down, and the red carpet is gonna be all the more exciting!” (MINUTE 6:52)

John Mulaney Says: “I do think I am now going to be a red carpet voice.” (MINUTE 9:25)

Olivia Munn Says: “What was he thinking?” (MINUTE 11:04)

Hugh Dancy Says: “I’m from BAFTA, so I’m excited to be here. Look, someone else is giving me a hug, and I’m not even gay!” (MINUTE 11:44)

Jean Smart Says: “If someone wants to take an IQ test from me, I’ll tell you, it’s 50 points!” (MINUTE 12:27)

Seth Rogen Says: “I think the cast of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ is the most fun I’ve ever had in my life!” (MINUTE 14:16)

Jason Sudeikis Says: “I love when Halle Berry walks down the red carpet. It’s a matter of priorities!” (MINUTE 14:36)

Vanessa Hudgens Says: “It’s an honor just to be nominated, and that shows diversity and that can help change history.” (MINUTE 16:28)

The Pool at HYDE Sunset is filled with select VIP outlets sponsored by Del Taco™, The Art of Elysium and GOAT® (Grant Hudson).

Lauren Zalaznick, Chairwoman, NBCUniversal, presenting sponsor for the awards, commented, “People tend to tune in to the Emmys to find out which shows are going to win, and more importantly, which people will get nominated. Now, the question becomes, how can you watch both and what can you do on the red carpet before the show begins that’s not connected to the content? Here, at The Pool at HYDE Sunset, viewers will get their wish.”


Britton Blake says: “I think I’m the only woman on the red carpet, it’s so easy.” (MINUTE 2:43)

Jason Sudeikis says: “It’s hard to come with my wife, she doesn’t know what an Emmy is.” (MINUTE 3:34)

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