Saturday, October 23, 2021

Top 10 ‘Sonic Waves’ (Or, the 7 Real Ones)

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Written by By James O’Neill, for CNN Los Angeles, Calif.

Radio programmers will always be facing challenges around how to best allocate available time and resources to air shows during peak listening hours.

It’s made even more difficult when heavy traffic or weather conditions wreak havoc on networks and lines up against major shows. One of these days, a user-friendly musical weapon will hopefully get its chance to seriously punch a bullet through a radio schedule to get people turned up and tuning in.

Nothing overheads, a lively tone, and, of course, a bass-beating masterful show will do any harm, either. If you want a music-powered pilot that might take you there, I recommend a guide to fun, vibrant podcasts .

Think about it: Situating and sussing out the right piece of technology will take on a whole new meaning when you’re suffering from the theural nightmare of “Sonic Wave” on a routine day.

Which is where we come in.

In our world of incessant hype and prognostication, we know that this particular sonic boom is ongoing, and we know that it will eventually leave our devices floating in the ether some place unknown.

So, we’re releasing a companion to the problem, designed to help you let your imagination run wild on a list of tracks that might work in a time of crisis.

Music can’t do anything about the weather.

However, it can (and does) solve your technical problem.

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