Thursday, October 21, 2021

This game is so great, you’ll die all the time

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“Everyday Is Doomsday,” out this week on Chinese game giant, is the latest addition to an entire genre of online games with a chilling theme.

These games – which are similar to popular “first-person shooter” games such as “Dead Rising,” which came out in 2009 – center on the zombie apocalypse and involve battles between flesh-eating undead minions and in-game maulers.

Or “zombies” – as in undead creatures that fester in a vat of flesh-eating bacteria, or soldiers, or cult members – all willing to exterminate the living for whatever cause can justify doing so.

So you know what happens when people who play these games get caught up in them. They have breakdowns, or illnesses. They get angry and get assault rifles. They shoot at everything. Or they get killed. (In the case of these games, yes, the entire system assumes all players will die.)

NetEase launched “Everyday Is Doomsday” about seven years ago, and each new edition introduces tweaks and new challenges to its various military factions. The original was called “Zombies of Qin II,” while “Zombies of Qin III” was a follow-up to that earlier title.

This particular installment features Earth’s “Mainland Heroes,” fighting an invading horde of soldiers on the Chinese island of Hainan.

The game was developed by Beijing-based SONGA Software Technology Company, according to this its character sheet.

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