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There’s a reason you don’t find this official #OnlyFans on Instagram. And it’s not what you might think.

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New York City – March 21, 2020- “We Helped Make Them A Household Name”: OnlyFans Creators Feel Betrayed And Scared — OnlyFans (@OnlyFans) March 21, 2020

New York—OnlyFans is an Instagram influencer management company that grew from a small NYC startup a couple of years ago to a publishing arm of CAA. The company saw its success translating naturally funny videos from its users into a daily column with the NY Times and had a strategic partnership with Sarah Silverman’s IMDb.

Since reaching another level of massive success, their partnership with the International Women’s Media Foundation has now turned into a breach of their morals, that’s what journalist Stefania Bux (@sbux) reported on today on Twitter. Bux cited a Gawker piece where the author tracked down an anonymous user’s video comments on (which also posted a response to the Gawker piece) to get the true organization behind this publicly visible platform.

In a statement, Bux said:

“Do you know how hard it was to get the woman behind the tags to confirm her identity? I was constantly lying and making up false names in order to protect her identity. The woman I discovered is known as ‘Photoshop By Proxy’ and is also a co-founder of OnlyFans. She confirms that OnlyFans is what’s been leaking her video comments on their site and Twitter. She feels betrayed and scared. When she learned of their involvement with Sarah Silverman, she didn’t bother to lie anymore and gave us her full and unredacted knowledge of their unethical relationship.”

What doesn’t surprise us is the greed behind Tumblr users that gave credits for photos and videos without giving them legitimate credit to start in 2015.

What we now know is that these users wouldn’t let go and that Nothing Instagram could only find was a cease-and-desist letter they received from the New York Times. The woman we found is a friend of Allie Stedman’s that helped her during a personal transformation. Stedman replied to Bux’s tweet with her response to the Gawker story:

“Dear @OnlyFans,

Thanks for your response. How can you justify what you do?

About my video comments, the photographs you should credit and attribute were all posted with my name. These are my pieces, which you picked up and republished. There was no basis for the report. I don’t know which images you have and which you haven’t yet, and I would be very happy to have them and answer questions.”

What’s on your phone? You call it watching. And you’re recording.

OnlyFans has and continues to try to conceal their relationship to this website. This is an issue that must come to light to keep the integrity of the web fair. If you trust #OnlyFans, read The Standpoint, which explores some of the historical elements behind Nothing Instagram that Bux previously alluded to, or scroll the comments for a hilarious post that started it all.

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Stefania Bux

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