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The Moderate Voice: Does Barbra Streisand have a socialist bone in her body?

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Boehlert on Rep. Bob Barr, 2003

Rep. Steve Bartlett (R-TX) is very much an ideological conservative. He’s not just concerned about what happened before 9/11, though he would vote the same as Buchanan or Gore on virtually every issue. He thinks that what could have prevented 9/11 is the Taxation Reform Act of 1986, and he thinks the public has been conditioned to think that once President Clinton began raising taxes we had to be attacked. His argument is against comprehensive tax reform and in favor of keeping revenue increases to the minimum.

Boehlert on Rep. Bob Barr, 2003

Boehlert on Rep. Bob Barr, 2003

Boehlert: So what we have in Rep. Bob Barr is a very conservative bill. But, you know, where does the cooperation begin? Even [since] 2003, this bill is very clearly a long way from being enacted, and so you get John [Yarmuth, D-KY], Alan [Schumer, D-NY], and so many more in this caucus who support lots of what Bob Barr is doing, who would never have voted for [“equal pay for equal work” legislation] last year, who would never have voted for [the Brady bill requiring criminal background checks for handgun purchasers] when there were polls suggesting it was popular, you’ve got Bartlett, you’ve got [James] Clyburn. There are a number of different areas where there is far more [opposition] in the caucus than there is here.

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