Thursday, October 21, 2021

The ‘Me, Myself and I’ Premiere Reviewers Are Reeling

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Spoiler alert! Goodbye NYC, hello San Francisco. Is Miranda Eden Underwood (Megan Boone) really the smartest person on TV? When the romantic comedy of manners about a couple starting over premieres tonight, we’ll find out. For some critics, that last sentence can open the can of worms. Here’s a look at what people are saying about “Me, Myself and I.”

Television Reviewers Are Quietly Baffled

“Miranda is a deep thinker, what the hell happened to her?” The New York Post, referring to the title character. The Post calls her husband, played by Josh Radnor, “an earnest earnest guy,” that only flashes on screen like a shadow.

Time Magazine, which praises Radnor’s performance,

suggests the show is sort of like the Corbin Bernsen Show, as Christina Applegate’s character perpetually bails on him to do her M.A.S.H. trials. Christina Applegate playing a neurotic, hormonal neurotic. I think that speaks volumes about “Me, Myself and I.”

The Los Angeles Times: it “felt stiff and rehearsed”; the “looseies” had “fatal flaws.”

Other reviewers don’t see the grandeur of the “career barren … Miranda Eden Underwood” project. Here’s The New York Times (no spoilers here):

She and her husband have been just happy-clappy enough to produce a kid, then follow a series of accidental (and avoidable) career detours. She works for a dental company, he uses his time to volunteer for a homelessness project. As Marty’s best friend Matthew (Damon Wayans Jr.) complained, they aren’t all that different — in how they cut taxes and wine together, or when they turn to each other about the kid not sleeping well.

For those still gloating that a TV show about a gun-toting divorcee has a narrator who, shall we say, has more sex than a Bible, Showtime gives the out the sex gal:

“It’s funny,” she sighs at one point, “that in the world we live in today, people are still worried about if you have sex too much or too little, nevermind if you have the time to do both of them in the amount of time the universe allows.”

“Me, Myself and I” premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on NBC.

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