Thursday, October 21, 2021

Scientists Watch Volcano Erupt Off La Palma With Blazing Winds and Threat of Volcano Flooding

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On Sunday morning, as Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolinas, a volcano on the island of La Palma has erupted – proving that natural phenomena do not need to be as devastating as Hurricane Florence to cause major damage.

Located in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern tip of Spain, La Palma is an island of 36,000 people and although there is no danger of the earth boiling and releasing searing steam in the next few days, it has sent rumblings across the Atlantic.

In a video just released by NASA, scientists watched a volcano erupting on the island of La Palma – over 30,000 feet above sea level – and with winds of around 200 miles per hour, the plume of smoke continued to travel across the ocean, as you can see in the GIF below.

According to NASA’s website, the small volcano, called Balcea, last erupted on August 20, 2013.

The purple ribbons in the GIF represent jets of gas and dirt being deposited across the Atlantic.

The volcano was first reported in March of last year by NASA and ever since then the volcano has been active. Astronomers are analyzing whether there is an eruption happening right now on the island of La Palma.

The amazing footage of the volcano erupting was released in a livestream from NASA to the public, streamed live on Youtube.

Below are the photos taken by NASA of the volcano erupting.

No true volcano eruption of this nature has been observed by anyone on the ground since 1941.

While there is no danger of a lava flow or ash cloud, this volcano eruption – even if only a little – is a sobering reminder to everyone to continue to be aware of our environment and to take appropriate precautions for sheltering in place.

This story is by FLOWagents and originally published by Discovery News.

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