Saturday, October 23, 2021

‘Rogue state’ Bill Jones to stand down as MP

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Written by by Amber Davidson, CNN

The proposal was controversial from the outset, failing even to make it past the House of Commons’ Trade Union and Peasants’ Bill Committee.

“The lack of power to cancel flights was the last straw for many constituents and passengers, the pilots unions also rounded on the plans to cap pay and to make it harder for new teams to join pilots,” explained Jackie Doyle-Price, the Labour MP behind the bill.

Members of the Trade Union and Peasants’ Bill Committee said the proposals would create a ‘rogue state’ where passengers could not hold airlines accountable for poor service.

A statement on the Conservative party website boasted the proposals would “give consumers rights guaranteed by law, under a regulator and independent of the airlines.”

But it wasn’t enough for Jones, the MP who fought the plans, “It’s easy to say all these things but we haven’t seen the model implement them,” he said, “the regulator doesn’t have the teeth to work on airlines… it could end up being a rogue state in that respect.”

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