Saturday, October 23, 2021

Off the clock: Why people hate Scotland’s new trial

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Written by By Elle Brachman, CNN Scotland

The idea behind the current bid to eliminate statutory holidays in Scotland is to improve the nation’s economy by allowing businesses to compete to lure customers with shorter working hours.

But a day-long trial — which involves cutting July 16 to 15 from July 30 to August 4 and August 17 to August 5 — has left many travelers with a sour taste in their mouths.

Many customers have voiced their displeasure on social media, with many questioning the wisdom of staying away from work during the iconic summer holiday.

“No problem without a staff holiday (the most normal practice in Scotland), but does this really encourage staff to work smarter?” wrote one unhappy Twitter user.

“LOL f***, Off then in hours?” said another, along with the hash-tag “Everyday My Salary is a Holiday.”

“Going to be on Scotland’s shortest working week for a while? @ScottishGov you’ve made an absolute joke of taking working peoples’ pay,” posted a fellow Twitter user.

The Alternative Wednesdays pub crawl in Glasgow, Scotland. Credit: AFP PHOTO / CHRISTOPHE SIMON/GETTY IMAGES

There’s also been criticism from Scottish national soccer team players who were shown a video of a young man receiving his mother’s Christmas card despite his lack of pay.

Giffnock Cleaning Services’ owners, who are backing the trial, have assured the teams’ followers that it will have no bearing on their salaries, according to The Herald , a Scottish paper.

But it seems that the idea has fizzled without causing too much discontent among Britain’s citizens.

In July , almost 60% of survey respondents supported abolishing statutory holidays.

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