Saturday, October 23, 2021

Obama open to deal on DACA, border wall: Reaction from Joe Scarborough and others

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President Barack Obama on Sunday made clear he’s open to a compromise plan that would overhaul the nation’s immigration system. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says the President and the Vice President are “united” on the issue, but the Vice President’s own advisers are divided. That’s resulted in a huge internal rift at the heart of the White House, which is on some sort of holiday break as some presidential advisers are actually traveling with the President overseas.

That split isn’t quite the #1 drama of the day, but it’s being played out on the sidelines, in real time, as we put a semi-disputed quote and video of an interview from Vice President Joe Biden in play, after he was quoted as saying he’d support an immigration deal with $25 billion for a wall, a separate paragraph on DACA and finding “a legislative solution” for “young people” who were brought to the country illegally as children.

The section of the interview, from a local Philadelphia TV station, may be the last, best chance for any kind of immigration deal this year. It was clearly written in the moment, from a perspective a year-and-a-half ago when the President wanted a deal that included funding the wall and approved what was really a second-tier border security proposal.

Biden’s team says they were asked about the wall, and not questions about the DACA process. But this much is certain: if a deal does come together, as Biden said, it will likely be divided between border security and DACA and the biggest issue.

There was a well-placed Obama surrogates who questioned the release of a portion of the interview but a senior adviser calls it “a correction” rather than a “revocation of confidence” in the process. The recent-copeland White House does appear to be very much not only confused about the border wall, the terminology and what it’s actually for, but also seemingly unable to articulate any other idea. If the President is going to get a deal done and keep his commitment to the American people, this is the first thing to get settled.

Joe Scarborough is host of “Morning Joe.” A link to his podcast on iTunes is available here.

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