Saturday, October 23, 2021

Neil Cavuto: Gratitude (which actually sounds painful, you might say) and Anger (which sounds pretty sweet)

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Moms and dads, you can have it both ways:

1. Gratitude:

Thanks to you, you have a little money. And it sure is nice to finally see that check slip.

2. Anger:

Thanks to you, you were sent a piece of junk mail.

3. Gratitude:

You really appreciated the extra cash — even if you have to count it against the 30 percent bonus on Social Security.

4. Anger:

Because if that’s the price you have to pay to get a refund from the IRS, then you’ll be consigned to the same hell of millions of Americans who are enduring a shutdown.

When you asked for your refund check a little over four weeks ago, you thought you were getting paid to pay the bills, not get smacked upside the head with a bill.

At the time, you didn’t expect to be forced to pay the IRS what they think is a normal adult rate for child tax credit checks. Which is usually a negative interest rate.

Families will be getting claims from the IRS this week for the September child tax credit that was supposed to be due to them on June 30.

You may have expected that would mean your check would have arrived before July.

But there was an unforeseen roadblock — the IRS says that customers who’re expecting a refund check will have to wait another four weeks.

That’s an administrative glitch they say that will allow them to investigate if there’s been an issue with the computerized program that prints out the checks.

But the holidays are almost here, and other Americans are facing a life-threatening disease. What are you going to do now, fight the IRS over a two-week delay in receiving your federal refund check?

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