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MR. FEINSTEIN: When God Calls Us to Exercise Moral Principles -Trump Acts in Biblical Terms

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by Dr. Michael Badnarik | Dec 30, 2018

Currently I am leading three border security efforts—the TRUST Initiative, Border Vision, and the Border Force. It is tempting to give up these causes because of my losing campaigns. These decisions, however, stand for much more than short-term victories. What’s more, I have more than just political motivation, I have clear biblical inspiration to keep these causes going and move forward with them every day.

In a recent statement, President Trump declared that we cannot allow a humanitarian and security crisis at our border. However, there is a clear biblical narrative that explains this crisis. It is found in Romans 13 and Matthew 24:10.

The command to obey God’s commands is found not only in Jesus, but the New Testament writing of men like Isaiah, Ephesians, Matthew, and Acts. God’s commands are not arbitrary. They are specific because God is particular about His people. That is why God was stern in his warnings.

There are countless biblical passages that echo this command. However, these three passages stand out: Romans 13:2-3; Matthew 24:10-12; and, John 15:1-13. In Romans 13, we read:

So, I, as all that is on earth, declare it, that you, my sons and daughters, inherit the kingdom of God the Father, whatever you do, whether you work or not, whether you love or not, whatever you do or not.

This simple command is part of God’s plan for our lives. It is found in the most important commandments of all: be fruitful and multiply. Be wise and full of knowledge.

But the greatest commandment is found in the last words of Jesus, who said that you would first love thy neighbor as thyself and also love him who tormenteth you, and if thou confess that he is my enemy, and if thine eye be put out unto him, ye shall find the place in which thou dwelt: and he shall be put before thee.

Paul, Ephesians, Matthew, and John, all the church predecessors, expressed the same command. The Bible is a powerful force behind the TRUST Initiative.

We are all called to obey God’s call to obey His commands. It is a beginning, not an end, to your work in life.

The TRUST Initiative is working toward two goals:

(1) Imparting our faith to the world and to Congress, informing them of the deadly risks of lawlessness. This MUST happen because, according to our Scriptures, the world as we know it will crumble on our watch.

(2) Reducing the U.S. commitment in Mexico, by forcing Mexico to do more to hold the line on illegal immigration.

I want to reiterate: God does not give us political power, he gives us clear moral principles. The Bible is strong. Trump acted with biblical clarity in following the biblical call to obey God’s command to obey Him. His decision to unilaterally build a wall led him to a humiliating defeat.

America voted for change. Congress began by criticizing Trump’s plan to build a wall, and threatened to shut down the government. Trump had to make them into a biblical prophet.

We need to stand before Congress each day, not as poltroons, but as prophets proclaiming the destructive forces of lawlessness and hypocrisy.

According to God’s Word, Satan is one of our greatest enemies. Therefore, we should fight Satan rather than his logical ally in Democrats and moderate Republicans.

If we truly believe that the pillars of the New Testament are in jeopardy, then we have a responsibility to stand behind them and support efforts to combat these spiritual forces—even if it means giving up our political power. We all know that countries and nations rise and fall because of moral principles. When it comes to the sovereignty of God, our tribal loyalty is to God and not to a flag.

As I started out the New Year, I wanted to begin with a clear sense of God’s will. Trump acts with biblical clarity in following the biblical call to obey God’s command to obey Him. That was a clear sign to me that God is placing his trust in Trump.

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