Thursday, October 21, 2021

Michael Flynn: The ‘modern-day Benjamin Franklin’

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Dr. Michael Flynn was a scholar with a passion for art, music, peace and international relations.

His son says his father is a “modern-day GI Benjamin Franklin” and “is loved by a large following” in the diplomatic community.

Michael Flynn was the younger of eight children. He was educated in an all-boys Roman Catholic school and earned his undergraduate degree at the National War College.

But, his father worries, Flynn’s “most important accomplishment [is] his moral leadership, the example he’s set for his family.”

As a student in Washington in the 1970s, Flynn was intrigued by the student movement. He saw police brutality against protesters and was inspired to speak out.

In his graduate studies at Georgetown University in the 1980s, Flynn was a mentor to young would-be activists.

“My dad was always very supportive of what I was doing,” said Mike Flynn.

Since he joined the Obama administration, he said, his father’s messages have changed. His father now uses a much more negative approach.

Flynn said his father’s hate speech is not a secret in their home, a dismay that may lead the Flynns to consider leaving the United States.

“My father is fighting for his life,” Flynn said. “He’s fighting for his family’s lives.”

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