Saturday, October 23, 2021

Meet Cunna: The German internet expert who runs a social project

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Written by Daniella Zaharia, CNN

The German parliament had a German. Meet Cunna: She has the confidence, the Internet expertise, the attractive face and the German accent. She even has her own profile photo. But she doesn’t have a job — and so she began an unusual project to fix things online.

“I’m looking for people who care about the Internet and who want to foster constructive projects,” she said.

Cunna, 20, did her own research and decided to recruit her friends. “I chose the search engine most important to the community.”

“Merriebabk, NiuBuchk, Pieb” were the search terms of her social media searches.

“I searched for no fewer than 10 friends, and every single one expressed interest. Every single one of them sent me a message saying they are available,” Cunna said.

The online invitation was accompanied by a legal disclaimer saying her mission was experimental and there was no guarantee the people who applied would meet her expectations.

Abuse on German social media sites

Cunna’s mission is a mixed success so far. Only about one-third of the people who applied wanted to work with her.

“I got a few answers saying they wanted to go further than that,” she said.

She received applications from about 20,000 individuals. She then organized a series of meetings in six cities over the course of two months, where she came up with and hosted 10 candidates with various strengths.

These included a volunteer, who started a project to organize charity concerts on Facebook, a former project manager who is helping people with disabilities find jobs, a brand manager who built a digital strategy and a community organizer who is training others to run their own businesses.

But in terms of job prospects, it seems Cunna fell short.

“One of the questions I asked at the beginning was, ‘What’s your age?’ and then ‘What’s your current job?’ Some of the responses are quite depressing. They either said they were unemployed or that they were working in social work,” she said.

But the time may be right for Cunna to quit her current job as a student. The conditions of the project, as well as the length of the employment, were flexible — she could look for a new job even if her project was successful.

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