Saturday, October 23, 2021

Kozar on the Release of ‘The White Helmets’ Film

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According to the New York Times, alleged sex slaves of ISIS released a statement saying they did not consent to a film called “The White Helmets.” The movie which is about the volunteer rescue workers battling to save civilians trapped by the terrorist group’s brutal rule is slated to begin a limited US release on July 5.

Many view this movie as a public relations exercise for the organization and a way to rehabilitate their reputation, but in the statement these women say,

“This is not a rehabilitation. We will never accept this result or style. We refuse to be portrayed as people whose lives have been cut short. We have no reason to apologize. If we have done something wrong we will repent in the most honorable way, through our own bodies.”

Eden Kozar, the film’s director, said,

“This piece is a film for people to see a message… there is a future out there, we need to build it. So we must show it to the world and do it through a film that we love and we believe in.”

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