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How to Win, Running for Olympics Gold

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No matter what your level, run and you shall find inspiration,

To the first man with 50 meters left.

If you can go you can run.

From the Mantra of the Kola Nagar Golden Panthers, U.S.

The words Mantra are everywhere: in the coaches’ room, in teams’ goals, even at the pool. We use these quiet melodies to guide and strengthen us. This athlete is no exception.

She has been training with a champion swimmer for five years. She uses her Mantra to stay in the games and to compete.

She had hoped to stay back in the United States this month, to complete her finals in the 2011 New York City Marathon. When her home country requested her passport at the eleventh hour, she had to return to India in order to take part in the London Games.

But one dream didn’t die; instead she became an inspiration.

Dewi Edwards is a 23-year-old runner, winner of the New York City Marathon four times and a medalist at the Beijing and Sydney Olympic Games.

Instead of watching the races in London, she is sharing Mantra. She will use it to motivate women and men to stretch, to focus and to succeed. It will motivate the runners not only in London, but in all corners of the world.

She is using her Mantra to motivate her fellow runners, and she says it has already paid off.

She told Outlook India magazine:

My race has already been encouraging women to race and encouraging runners. Just looking at other runners racing and having interesting thoughts about what they’re going to do after the race.

On a blog, “How to Win” — and Live an Endurance Life, D. M. Thomas reminds us about Mantra:

“You can hear it. You can feel it. You are looking for it. You are living on it.”

Mantra for grit. Mantra for victory. Mantra for goal, ambition and drive. Mantra for perseverance and self-belief.

What has this success athlete used Mantra to achieve?

“Mantra truly is a source of inspiration,” she says, “something that makes you run and swim and do what you’ve always wanted to do.”

What do you think is the greatest mantra you have used?

To create your own Mantra, take a moment, and envision what you would be doing if you could run faster, swim faster, or focus on one thing as an athlete. Then imagine you could only use that task, that thought, that practice for a little while. Mantra.

And of course, Mantra.

Photo by photographer Unseen Ponders, licensed to the source

Special thanks to three inspiring and inspirational young individuals who inspired this piece: Sarah Barreiro, Ally David, and Nancy Youseff. Please don’t be shy in sharing your own Mantra with us. And to run faster, swim faster, or focus on one thing, feel free to send me a tweet or follow us on Facebook.

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