Saturday, October 23, 2021

How did ‘Star Trek’ do it better?

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Hi, a weekly video quiz. Start with a sentence: “The Civil War was fought on La Brea.” Follow that with: “Which of these was not made into a movie?”

This week, we want to talk about innovation in the way TV dramas depict spaceships. We’ll also consider the existence of fictional “real” history in film — and, as ever, check in with you at this writing if you think you know the answer. A sneak preview: I love NBC’s La Brea, which premiered earlier this year, and here’s how I described the show:

The inside of a huge opulent building — like any fancy hotel, or an Uber car — contains an uncannily accurate reproduction of the interiors of the first-ever-built Star Starship Shuttle. Set in the middle of the Wasteland, La Brea is a spaceship-love story. The object of the story is to follow the romance between two Star Trek’s aliens Kana and Aniko and the struggles of their crew, not based on any first-hand knowledge of colonization and colonization, but based on many Hollywood images. This is science fiction that just happens to take place in the actual rules of the (historically inaccurate) Star Trek canon.

What about Space Jam? What about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? The first two answer choices are very reminiscent of Dune — neither is accurate in some ways. The last two show off how much more accurate the portrayal of spaceships could be in both fantasy and fact.

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