Thursday, October 21, 2021

Hot on the heels of BTS and Kelly Clarkson, the week in music

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Hot on the heels of their flying arena tour, BTS have announced new music. The K-pop group, whose seven-song EP Love Yourself: Answer is out later this month, is prepping a full album due in September. We’ve already been treated to the glittering lead single. And now, at the expense of everyone else who wants to give it a listen, we get two bonus songs.

It’s Nola and Burning, and they will please fans of some. “I think this guy/don’t think I fit into society/My music is always my real voice,” BTS tell us. That’s because, during an interview with MTV News, band member Suga revealed they all agreed not to collaborate with anyone who “stole too much of the [group’s] sound”.

Kelly Clarkson is back for another year, and she does it with typically gobsmacking style. The 2017 Ms. Kelly Clarkson Christmas album will now feature one-off collaborations with Charlie Puth and Gwen Stefani, as well as Christmas classics by singing the Lewis Carroll classic Through the Looking Glass. It is out now.

OneRepublic have always proven to be class at pumping out new material. Next month sees the release of Wishing You Were Here, the band’s first new album in five years, following a few years of occasionally-somewhat-successful record label manoeuvres and last year’s relocated home base to Nashville. Next up is the single How Happy Is, which they shot in the restaurant where they recorded in Ohio. Singer Ryan Tedder discusses the project in his cover interview with New Music Friday – see that story here. You can buy the new album Wishing You Were Here when it’s released on 14 June, and in the meantime grab songs from three of the group’s recent albums in Spotify’s free playlist here.

Of course, this isn’t the only music we’re getting this month, as five major acts return from extensive tours around the world. Kylie Minogue is regrouping with The Voice UK veteran for I Believe in You on 12 June, the same day that Alanis Morissette joins Fort Knox Boyzer and Jeremy Hardy for Find Me in Paradise on 8 June. Finally, on 9 June the stars of Kiss Me Once: Richard and Linda Thompson will take up residence at 20,000ft for a unique audio and visual project called Dream, showcasing the damage they endure on the ride back to earth. As Roger Waters pointed out in his recent post-Gig, oral history of Pink Floyd, those who die, cannot resurrect themselves – but this certainly won’t make you feel better.

Never mind the teaser trailers and promo photos, this is the real thing: “I just want to be in every hotel kitchen in every country in the world,” says 20-year-old debuting singer Caleb Cassavetes. His voice holds up under the impact, and his debut album full of tough subject matter is out this month. The Good News album is available to pre-order via Amazon and the Apple Store now. See you at the shops.

Check back throughout the week for more music news.

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