Wednesday, October 20, 2021

HBO will not renew Goliath for Season 3

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If you’re a sentient human being and do not currently have reality television in your TV preference, I think you’re missing out on something special. Goliath is the new battle of horsemen. While it is a crime to find a 13-episode series on the naughts with ratings that make Shark Tank look like a squeaker, The winner of the April 25 season finale (the second-season premiere) was a ratings smash.

Featuring Billy Bob Thornton as a gentleman farmer who shoots over-the-top lawyers in his driveway and complains about the judges in the shopping mall window, Goliath was sensational. Back on June 6, The Hollywood Reporter published an interview with co-creator/co-creator Ben Cavell and wrote:

“While every story is about someone in the crosshairs, the judge is really a reflection of everyone else. It’s the difference between dramatic manipulation, and being dramatic, and providing the backbone of the show. [The judge] has his own baggage.”

Famous author Ray Bradbury in his TV special, as he could also do in real life.

One of the most common questions about the show is about Thornton’s method of shooting an adversary, which includes a gunplay version of the “situation room” where a contest analyst calls the shots from the “I will kill you” sideline.

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