Thursday, October 21, 2021

For one Facebook user, comments grew increasingly offensive — and eventually deleted — after she claimed immigrants were criminals

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NEW YORK — The Post article about children being held in cages at the U.S.-Mexico border that sparked the weekend’s Twitter meltdown read: “‘I think this is a much bigger issue than our government. I think this is an American issue,’” the 19-year-old told the newspaper. But the comment stirred up a comment bubble with a profanity-laced critique.

Facebook says it is working with users who reported possible legal threats and abuse to investigate and will ask users to amend their comments. (It did not say what penalty might be imposed if alleged civil or criminal violations are determined to have occurred.) Facebook’s statement said that the company is “committed to enabling users to express themselves without fear of intimidation or harassment.”

Facebook has come under scrutiny from users for the limitations of its photo-sharing feature, which has allowed posts containing nudity, hate speech and violence to live on its platform.

Users reported a post regarding immigration last summer after receiving backlash following a CNN article that read, “When Immigration Policy Is Migrant Crime Policy.”

The post was removed from Facebook but later re-posted. Last month, Facebook acknowledged that the image was offensive, but emphasized that while the company did not want users to encounter such content on its platform, it did not take it down immediately.

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