Friday, October 22, 2021

Duggar Family Founder: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Anti-Vaccine Policies Will Cost New York Millions

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Chris Bollyn of the Duggar Family Foundation sat down with Laura Ingraham tonight to discuss the recent controversy surrounding New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In May, Chicagoan Megan Boken made headlines when she let out an obscenity-laced rant about vaccination, arguing that de Blasio’s failed Obamacare plan “murders children.”

Boken cited a U.N. report that says vaccines “cause 70 percent or more of autism in American toddlers,” yet experts say the number is closer to 4 percent.

Bollyn explained that de Blasio’s refusal to do research on vaccines could also end up costing New York City millions of dollars, and eventually lead to hundreds of deaths.

He said that de Blasio’s position has been harming not only health care, but the city’s economy.

Bollyn added that de Blasio’s entire staff, including police brass, has refused to listen to experts in the science community who say the city’s vaccine mandates are not based on sound evidence.

“These are two minor systems,” Bollyn said. “They’re not related. They’re not related at all.”

He said that de Blasio’s “dodgy math” could end up costing the city millions of dollars.

“He should move on,” Bollyn added. “It’s finally time for Bill de Blasio to man up and do what New Yorkers want him to do – and that’s to take responsibility.”

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