Saturday, October 23, 2021

Could your toilet paper last longer than five minutes?

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Underground explosion at the Florida discount warehouse could generate $2.7m in damage bill

Big-box stores are suddenly caring about safety. For example, whether or not you can get toilet paper on your way home.

Like so many things, most likely sparked by Earth’s oddo-level volcanic activity, in Florida, Costco has been limiting the amount of water shoppers can buy at its warehouse, and at specific times of the day.

Think about that for a second. For nearly a week, you’ve been able to easily and safely shop in broad daylight and take everything home. You can run out for coffee, brie, to-go soup, flour, oats, cranberries, groceries for kids’ school lunches, burritos for those on break, and even pasta and chicken breasts for cooking. But limit your buying on the weekend, and your next chance comes Sunday at 8.

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Then, as might be expected, “regional demand issues” push up prices. Saturday morning was peak pre-holidays sales period. And, under normal circumstances, when Costco’s public relations people are interacting with customers, a big chunk of the range of items they can offer have “very limited availability”. Like, three ounces of Flexicookie, or no more than a dozen Keurig K-Cups of whole pods. Or, just about any kind of toilet paper – a popular item during the holidays, but with local manufacturing shortages. The plant has to produce tons of toilet paper for Costco. They can only deal with one shift each day.

Have these “concerns” changed their policy? No. There’s still no limits. No worries.

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