Monday, January 17, 2022

Cloyd Boyer: Last baseball player to play rodeo dies in his sleep

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Cloyd Boyer played in the last known game of a three-brother baseball dynasty.

The Baltimore Orioles shortstop died of heart failure in his sleep at his home in South Bend, Indiana.

He was the last player to play the highly unusual games, which took place after children were allowed in the park to play baseball.

Cloyd was the only child of long-standing US baseball stars Maurice and John Boyer.

Cloyd, Maurice and John played shortstop and catcher in 1947 in a “rodeo”, which took place before the actual game in the park.

Those games were unlike other games at a Major League park – players on both teams were allowed to have partners to help them at bat and both teams had play balls provided by sponsors for the game.

Cloyd was the most recent member of the family to join the Orioles.

“It has been very difficult losing Cloyd,” baseball-fan favourite Cal Ripken, Jr, said in a statement.

“He has been so great to me and so supportive. I will miss his laughter, and it’s going to be a tough loss, no matter where we are, and how many innings I play.”

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