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Blue Zones Diet: Eating Life Smaller And Focusing On What Matters, Says Author Dan Gilliam

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What are the Blue Zones diet? Why is it so great? And what can you do now?

Anna Small sits down with Dan Gilliam, CSCS and author of “The Blue Zones Diet: Eating Life Smaller and Focusing on What Matters” to learn more.

What is the Blue Zones diet?

“Blue Zones Diet” is described as a transformative way to eat, to live and to restore health and well-being by radically changing the way we see food and the way we experience the world. Small brings the specific tenets of the Blue Zones diet and I bring you insights into the study that created the diet.

Why is it so great?

The Blue Zones diet does a great job in establishing a smart mindset to live, to think and to eat in small, conscious and sustainable doses. It’s important to consider what we take into our bodies when we consider food and the environment. “Blue Zones Diet” brings attention to what we can do to actively seek out sustainability. It’s important to accept the wisdom of critical thought and science.

Why did you co-write this book?

I’ve studied for my Ph.D. in nutrition and are fascinated with how we consume food. It’s an incredible field of study, considering how much we process, eat and recycle. “Blue Zones Diet” is a way to engage with the transformative power of small bites and when they’re exactly what you need.

What can you do now?

Be aware of the foods and the environment in which you and you alone grow, eat and behave. Small says: We all have a responsibility to be advocates for better, sustainable choices.

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