Saturday, October 23, 2021

Beyoncé Responds to Critical Posts on

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“I think if there were no behind-the-scenes gossip and no knowledge of the new music and what was happening, then it would be to everyone’s advantage. We have all these people running around thinking this will make it viral.”

“The reason fans were concerned about possible leaks is because they believe—and rightfully so—in the authenticity of every Beyoncé studio recording, every live concert recording, every on-set look at the making of a music video, and the hearts and minds and souls of everyone behind the scenes to make that music happen.”

“They know exactly how the songs are recorded, heard, and felt, they know the process. They are very connected to the works of Beyoncé and we are just trying to help the effort to help put their thoughts out there.

“Of course we did hurt fans’ feelings. We did hurt our biggest fanbase who get this information from us first, so we are really the ones who feel a part of this broken equation. That was our biggest fear and anxiety. In a perfect world, I don’t think there is anything as awful as hearing about a great new Beyoncé song but knowing you didn’t contribute to it, we’re the ones who are bummed. That’s my only conundrum at this point. I feel like it went from a L to a G and we’ve got to move on.”

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