Thursday, October 21, 2021

Attorney involved in US sex offender’s deportation cases – CNN

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This afternoon, we received a receipt for a $49 Corona margarita for a Brian Laundrie in Mexico. Although he was not believed to be a victim of identity theft, he is currently under the watchful eye of law enforcement and has been in Mexico all day. He is currently on probation for a fraud conviction. He is legally and by many accounts mysteriously single.

He has also been spotted in Mexico, in a Guatemala prison. He was arrested on immigration violations with his ex-girlfriend, Gabby Petito. Gabby was granted a request by her US probation officer to be let out of jail to attend a concert by Eagles member Glenn Frey in Los Angeles. Brian was in Mexico visiting his grandfather and once he realized what was happening, Brian made sure to get as far away from the concert as possible and canceled his tickets, and flew back to Guatemala, where he has been living ever since. The Mexican authorities keep telling him that he will be deported back to the US, but so far he’s been told that he can stay.

Laundrie is a former licensed sex offender with a DWI conviction. He was charged with D.U.I. and driving with a suspended license back in 2009 when he was caught drunk and “drunken driving” all over a town of 900 on the Michigan border.

Petito is 19 years old and has lived all over the country with her fiancé. The judge in Los Angeles told her that she had 30 days to decide whether she wanted to marry this stranger or not. She did not hesitate and went ahead and tied the knot with Brian. She has never once spoken to him or visited him in prison. She claims that he was only going to serve a little more than three months in prison, and she is unaware of any criminal history that he has in Michigan. She could be charged with perjury, if it turns out that this is not true. Her attorney is still reviewing the case, trying to get Petito released on bond.

Our legal team is working with both parties, trying to negotiate a plea deal. If it cannot be done or if a jury convicts both Petito and Laundrie on the basic wrongfulness of all charges at the same time, then we will move to revoke the bond Petito was given in the case and allow them both to serve a much greater sentence. We are about three weeks away from starting a trial, so one way or another we will be saying goodbye to Gabby very soon.

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