Saturday, October 23, 2021

Apple’s iOS 15 — The guide

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Apple’s March event is now over and iOS has changed — in some cases for the better, in others for the worse. Some major updates, like Apple’s integration of DexAdvance, which aims to make scanning devices more fun, have been introduced, while others, like App Store improvements, are less appreciated. If you bought a new iPhone in the last month, you already know iOS 15 exists, but there is still time to try out all the new features and tips before you upgrade. Read on for our iOS 15 guide.

Screen Time and Get Well Soon update

This was a major iOS update and most of the improvements are focused on providing more information about your data usage. Starting with update 1607, iPhone users can now see how much time they spend on specific apps, how much time they spend overall, and whether they stay within their data limits. For example, if you are frequently using Instagram while on a family trip, it’s probably worth it to switch it to airplane mode.

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When you set up your Apple Watch you set a date to reset your daily activity schedule, which is a nice reminder of how active you are on a regular basis. There’s now an option to notify you before you use your Activity app to see how active you’ve been. Similarly, you can now open a General > Notifications & Phone app (found by swiping down from the top of the screen) and select “This device should appear here” to tell your phone when you’ve moved. These features work with any iOS device, so regardless of your phone or watch.

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One new iOS feature is Apple’s Support Apple Watch. This app allows you to check for apps that support the Activity app on your watch or even use Siri to read out the iPhone’s fitness accomplishments, which is great for visual reminders of your activities.

Worried about reporting your incidents of abuse online? Now you can send your reports directly to Apple via SMS, email, and messenger. Telling Apple something about yourself could lead to improved services on the iPhone, like an improved weather app or a new Siri keyboard.


This is one of the biggest updates of all. You can now lock and unlock your iPhone via Touch ID (as you could before), complete with a new text-to-indicate-what-ID you are accessing.

General improvements

The iMessages app, Siri, and HomeKit have been streamlined. HomeKit is now available to developers so they can build experiences for lock and home automation right in their app. iOS users can toggle setting in the Accessibility menu if you would like to program apps differently.

Background Play

It’s easier to enjoy your videos when the app you’re in isn’t running in the background. The updated app mode will show you how much time is left in the music app (without charging) while enabling you to stop it when your device is off.

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