Thursday, October 21, 2021

Apple Watch: all the new features

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Today, Apple released a fitness service called Apple Watch as well as updated versions of the Apple Watch bands as well as a new watchOS and a wireless charging case for the fifth generation of Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch band, called Milanese Loop, is $40 more expensive than the Sport Band but features a wrap-around band that completes the look with a variety of subtle colors and a smaller clasp to prevent the wearer from being accidentally looped between the top and bottom of the band, leaving the wearer with the noose effect and not a choice of which accessory is tight enough.

The new Apple Watch is also the first to support up to 600,000 customizable faces, including new workout reminders to remind the wearer to move and a “digital crown” that simulates a paddle on a fishing rod.

The Apple Watch will also be releasing a new piece of technology today that will allow for new forms of biometric and fitness data to be collected for the Fitbit or with other wearables. The new feature being released today is called iHealth, which relies on the included sleep band to determine how long and how well the wearer slept, as well as retrieving important medical data when required.

Apple also released software update version 3.2.1 that comes with a new HealthKit app as well as another piece of technology called Xcode 9. This builds on HealthKit by adding new sensors like an accelerometer, barometer, and light sensor to track steps, water intake, heart rate, and sleep activity, as well as four new sensors for measuring skin temperature, skin micron temperature, humidity, and oxygen saturation. The new software comes with a new Healthkit app that allows app developers to create functionalities for the Apple Watch as well as new functionality like a fitness tracker to track steps taken, temperature, and humidity, as well as push notifications for upcoming appointments, friend events, locations, and meetings.

WatchOS 5.0 also gives the Apple Watch compatibility with the new third generation Apple iPad, called the iPad Pro, which was released earlier this month and features a 9.7-inch Retina display. WatchOS 5.0, available for free on the Apple Watch and all new Apple Watch bands, also brings an iOS-like dark mode, changes the watch face scrolling animation, upgrades health fitness tracking for the wrist, and offers new support for Slack. WatchOS 5.0 adds a new dedicated Workout application that taps into cloud services like Apple Music to provide workout progress reports and become more health and fitness focused for the wearer.

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