Saturday, October 23, 2021

Angela Merkel, maneater: ‘You have to be Merkel to be successful’

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Voters who feel stung by Germany’s dramatic political move left no doubt they would vote for Schulz, says an embittered voters

After Angela Merkel’s departure from office, the political landscape of Germany is not as neat as is hoped for by many Germans. The opposition is fragmented and nothing has been put forward as a viable alternative. So, in a tight vote, the people’s choice is most likely to come down to enthusiasm for Schulz or Merkel. There’s no other option. And what I see right now is enthusiasm for Schulz, not Merkel.

I voted for Schulz because I was angry with Merkel. She was against diesel. She was against the euro. She ran and ruled in the wrong way. She made nothing of the historic election results. She promised a lot to the people and did nothing. So I’m angry with Merkel and I want to turn to her. I want Schulz because Schulz is inexperienced. He has a more open, more socially democratic programme than Merkel.

But if Merkel is a bad politician, I think she’s a good leader. I think she’s our best chance in Europe. She’s a strong woman. She’s a woman. If you ever want to be a woman in Europe, you have to be Merkel. I think she’s the only woman in Europe with that much power. She has the power to lead and to confront the US. I think that’s a good thing for Europe.

Her biggest problem is that she’s a bitch. That’s just my opinion. But the truth is that anyone who has ever had to vote for her would vote for her. Like if she’d be on the Love Island cast for me.

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