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Adejuyigbe creates celebrated ballet series featuring her transgender subjects

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Having just celebrated three years of working on “Chilbo,” which debuted in 2016, Adejuyigbe, who is also a licensed photographer, is turning to ballerina Eugenia Kefren for the third part of her acclaimed dance series.

“Chilbo” focuses on the transgender community, and Kefren is a celebrated dancer in her own right. As part of this series, Adejuyigbe met many of her subjects in person. She says the key to both interviews and dancing is being brave.

“I try to use my own sense of adventure as my mechanism to expose some personal issues,” she says. “That’s what I’m passionate about. I’m not saying that by putting your foot on a thing, you actually free it from stuff that’s constraining, but I’m very aware of the awareness of the audience and how it can be used. I try to push myself out of my comfort zone and that’s the way I’ve always approached my work.”

Chilbo tour dates: Europe, Asia

Paris, “Chilbo” tour: October 2018

Some of the subjects in the series met Adejuyigbe at her home in Lagos, Nigeria, and the shooting took place with Kefren. The soundtrack to the video is the music composed by Harith Avuri and Fionn Ní Riain.

“September” — which was recorded in January at the Sikirul Kenzo Dance Complex in Hong Kong — brings the story of the community of her subjects to a close.

“Each video presents a composite of the people I photographed in Lagos with the new subject in “September,” Adejuyigbe says.

See what the dancer had to say about her project below:

1 / 6 – Lia Hale

Lia Hale regularly performs with France’s Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and teaches African dance at the Nick Chen Experimental Dance Company in Paris.

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