Saturday, October 23, 2021

8 signs that you’re waiting to die in a hot car

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Boon-Seng Tu; “In a new short film, The Scientist, researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) present the robotic future that might plausibly become a reality.” Link to Link.

Mother has a “scary novel” idea that C-sections are too difficult to perform Polish midwife and mother Justyna Janzowska posted a video about her plan to get all of her babies to birth at home by using hypnosis. More on the distressing and wonderful scene at the New York Times. READ THE REST

Make an audiophile’s holiday with these wireless headphones For the true audio enthusiast, there’s a lot of difference between putting on some songs “for background music” and a true listening experience. For the latter, there’s nothing like a pair of sturdy headphones and the powerful speakers that come with them. And the wireless variety doesn’t get much more powerful than the TREBLAB Z2 […] READ THE REST

Land a job in project management with this comprehensive course Digital or analog, there’s a path of least resistance for any project. Finding that path is what the Agile methodology is all about, which is why proficiency in it is a must for any project management position – and the paycheck that comes with it. And the quickest path to learning Agile? The Agile Project […] READ THE REST

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